Published on 16 June 2023 at 21:12

 Influenced by hip-hop at a young age listing to Tupac and Eminem rapper known as Trip Styles, has become well versed in the lyrical compositions he creates, by defining what he has gone through in his own life and what he sees in other people’s lives every day.  Furthermore, he continues to express his thoughts and feelings through his writing and shows how his words can create a powerful vibe along with the unique beats he chooses to go with each song he records.


Since Trip Styles started releasing music in December 2021 with his first song TAKE OFF later followed By FREEDOM which is a short track that just consists of what we all know as (bars) some other hit songs are BIRTHDAY, MOMENTS, ALL TERAIN, INDIGINOUS RIGHTS, CHOICES, WAY UP, DATE NIGHT, and REHABILITAITION.  He has performed at a variety of venues including The Red Room, Cabana Lounge, portside pub, the Chinese Cultural Center, and many other locations as well as live pop-up performances on the streets of Vancouver with his Speaker and microphone.


Some great accomplishments Trip styles has come across on his musical journey is being on Vancouver radio 100.5 FM getting paid gigs reaching over 1k subscribers both on Facebook Page and YouTube Channel he continues to grow his social media daily by interacting with people worldwide his goal is to inspire people around the world with his music and he thanks everyone for the support.

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Bella WS
8 months ago

I love you and your music boob.
You have come so far in your life and aa well as with your musix. I just know this world will scream your name from rooftops and the streets one day and with asuch love as I do.